Rats in the Attic? Here’s Why

Rats have existed for tens of thousands if not millions of years. They’re pesky little creatures that not only spread dangerous disease and ruin food but also destroy different things such as curtains and furniture in a house. Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people have to handle rats. Among the areas that typically attract a whole lot of attention from rats is the loft or the room closest to the roof of the house.

The big question, though, is why do rats love the attics so much and why are nests always discovered there? If you have been awakened from the scratches and scrapings near the roof of your home then it’s very likely that you have roof rats and are wondering why. Consider the following reasons for why rats nest in attics.

They Search For Safety from Predators

The main reason why rats find attics comfy, is that it provides them with safety against predators. Rats have lots of predators to take care of such as owls, snakes and cats. Even dogs have been known to capture and kill rats on occasion. The protection given by attics, plays a significant role in why rats seek these sanctuaries out.

Attics also have a tendency to be warm with a lot of nooks and crannies where rats can create their nests. Many men and women have a tendency to use attics as a form of store-room for possessions and items that they don’t use frequently. Furthermore, when attics are used for such purposes, they also tend to become isolated and even filthy. All these things combine and make comfort for rats in attics, particularly when individuals neglect rodent proofing.

Attics Are Easy To Get To and Abundant In ResourcesRoof Rat, Rat, Rodent, Animal

As the majority of individuals don’t bother with rodent proofing their homes and attics, it becomes easier for rats to get to attics. In addition to this ease of entrance, attics also end up being abundant in stuff for rats to make their nests. Old furniture, old clothes, cardboard boxes, books, and other similar organic household things act as the sources that rats use.

Dealing With Rats in Attics

Rodent proofing is the very best way to prevent a situation where roof rats ruin the environment of the home and even ruin things. Particular Wildlife Removal Melbourne providers exist in many cities where specialists in vermin control may evaluate situations and put in place measure to stop rats from gaining control over the attics.

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