Rat Control

For most home owners, rodent control is a major concern. Generally, when people hear the term rodent, the image of a mouse or maybe even a rat immediately jumps to mind. The truth is, the rodent family consists of a large number of mammals, some of whom have much less negative connotations associated with them, however that does not make them any less annoying. The primary, identifying characteristic of all rodents iRat, Rat Babies, Needy, Cute, Nagers that they have a set of continuously growing incisors in both the lower and upper jaws. These teeth must constantly be “manicured” short by gnawing and chewing on things.

The rodent family incorporates many little mammals that people would generally never think of as vermin. Chipmunks, squirrels and beavers are all members of the rodent family. Rats and mice are particularly unpopular because of their tendency to find their way to the house. Once in your home their constant need to chew can lead them to ruin shoes, walls, furniture and much more. They are also always on the prowl for meals, therefore unsecured boxes are usually ripped into and pee and rat or mouse droppings will be left behind. Rodent droppings often contain viruses and diseases that may be spread to people, so proper rodent control is vital.

Small rodents, like mice, can fit through cracks as small as 1/4 inch wide. Mice in particular will also be able to climb and can jump as long as 12 inches. Because of this, it is essential that you inspect the exterior of your home regularly, to make sure that there aren’t any cracks out there for mice to enter through. All windows and doors should be secured with a tight fitting metal screen, and all of chimneys, fans and vents must also be covered by a mesh screen, in order to prevent rodents from gaining entry.

Though many people think that having a cat or a dog would be effective Fort Lauderdale FL Raccoon Removal. The fact is that the best approach to keep rodents under control is to remain vigilant in your efforts to keep your house free of them. Keep garbage in receptacles that mice and rats can’t break into and be sure that you clean up all crumbs. It is much easier to keep rodents out than it is to get them out when they’re there!

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